Hiya! The name's Cyn.

I'm just a nerdy 17 year old girl who loves cartoons and videogames. I draw loads and write sometimes.

Nickelodeon Summer Arts 2014 Alum!

•Aspiring animator

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Anonymous asked: "fuck csssa animation" skype group" someone said you made a skype group called that and got banned from calarts 

I’d really prefer if this person came off of anon so they could know the whole story. While I’ve moved on from the incident because I was told to, it still lingers in the back of my mind that because there was no closure this would come back to bite me in the butt someday.

That did not happen. I made a Skype group before the deadline for 2014 came up for ALL APPLICANTS of all departments to join together as artists, simply called “csssa 2014”. The chat grew to become really sarcastic, and we all became fairly close in terms of friendship in that 3 month wait time for letters. It’s a long story but basically when the rejected and accepted letters came in, the whole group was separated by rejected and accepted applicants because the acceptees had things to deal with and no longer had the time to chat. We were happy they got in, but sad because, well, we wouldn’t be there with them! One of the accepted applicants stuck around and joked with us (there was like, 5 rejected applicants still active at this point, and we were very close since initially there was only like 18 people anyways) because they wanted us there since we were good friends, and we unfortunately ended up saying some stuff that we didn’t realize could be pretty offensive because it was a joke (the acceptee was also joking with us, saying those things as well though, so that’s why it got out of hand). I also said some things on the initial day of rejection that were MISUNDERSTOOD, but really couldn’t have meant any harm. These were my friends though, and I apologized to the friends I did harm to via PM. When everything happened on the night the animation department had open debate and everything got heated, I was almost about to call the school for permission to drive down there to explain and apologize for everything since the chat freaked out over someone possibly committing suicide over a misunderstanding, but I was told to move on. And that’s making it BRIEF. There’s a whole lot more to it than that.

As for being banned from CalARTs? What? During that time I got advice from one of the BFA1 students who was communicating with Bona about the incident since they were a mentor to one of the rejectees involved who was also a friend a mine, and they told me to move on from the issue. I’m sure if I was banned I would have been notified one way or another.

Regardless I highly advise against anyone making any group chats before letters come in in the future whether it be for CalARTs or CSSSA so this will be prevented from happening again. Despite that this whole thing was a huge misunderstanding, I am not excusing my actions and it was pretty damn foolish of me to start one. I just really wish I could tell the whole story and apologize to the ones I did harm to in person.

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jdude84 asked: Hihihi!! I just wanted to ask, what program do you use to draw, and do you have any advice for someone who's up and coming? I'm currently a freshman in high school and I hope to go to either SVA or Calarts but I DEFINITELY need a lot of practice before I'm at that level, and your art is AMAZING so I figured I'd ask. Thanks!! 

Oh man you’re the first person to ever ask me a question like this! I thank you, and I’m flattered you like my work. :’D I took a quick peak at your art and for a freshman in high school I think you have a LOT of potential if you keep working hard to develop your style! You were a lot better than I was at that time LMAO I went through that weird otaku phase then.

Anyways, I’m assuming you’re considering going for animation one way or another right? 8D Well…

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A bit of a peek at some of the pages in my sketchbook for my application to CalARTs!

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YO guys I’m going full-on portfolio mode since deadlines are December and January so you’ll likely see a lot of really boring technical stuff the next couple months

AKA fanart is coming to a temporary halt as seldom as I’ve been posting as of recent


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I wanna see The Book of Life so fuckin’ bad.

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1 hour speedpaint
A demon from one of my concepts called Sigma

1 hour speedpaint

A demon from one of my concepts called Sigma

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wander doodles bc of last nights episode
my style!

wander doodles bc of last nights episode

my style!

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Life drawing from recently. I haven&#8217;t uploaded these because 1 I think they&#8217;re uninteresting to my audience and 2 I can&#8217;t scan em since the paper&#8217;s so big
sorry for the quality my phone is shit

Life drawing from recently. I haven’t uploaded these because 1 I think they’re uninteresting to my audience and 2 I can’t scan em since the paper’s so big

sorry for the quality my phone is shit

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Why don’t people want to understand that on top of everything else I have to keep up with right now I am an artist and doing art is not for fucking leisure it’s for working towards my career.

Sure, it’s normal for someone to have to keep on top of everything in life, which includes getting good grades in school, your social life- which includes your family, your friends and your love life, work and other possible errands or responsibilities, hobbies, and sleep. You’ve only about 16 of the only 24 hours in a day to get all of these things done and most of the time you have to make a choice between at least 2 of those things to keep up with. And that’s ignoring any kind of emotional weight or health problems anyone could potentially have, whether that be caused by abuse, personal problems, fights, stress from that work or school, or simply hereditary issues.

But being an artist, you don’t just have THOSE things to keep up with. No. You also have art to keep up with. 

Artists are not magical elves that just pull art out their asses for the hell of it. We did not gain our abilities over night. We were born with the potential and the passion, but we were not born with it. The so-called “talent” everyone says we have is NOT TALENT. 


We are dreamers. We have ideas. An artist’s mind is constantly at work, coming up with new things that we yearn to bring to life because we know we can and because it is our passion.

But in order to do this, we need motivation, inspiration, and in order to live up to the best of our abilities, we must be observant, we must think. We have to put aside our negative energies in order to create new work. And we have to be constantly working on new art in order to improve.

Creating an illustration from start to finish with no breaks in between can take up to 8 hours to complete. Days, even. Animation? DAYS. WEEKS. MONTHS. We have to fill sketchbooks. We must keep creating, or we won’t improve. As much as we love doing it, it’s fucking hard, and we can’t do what we love if we DON’T HAVE TIME. TIME THAT WE HAVE TO MAKE ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE EVERYONE HAS TO DEAL WITH IN LIFE. WE NEED THE TIME EVERY SINGLE DAY BECAUSE IT’S SOMETHING WE MUST KEEP UP WITH EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We have to keep working if we want to get where we want to be in life. We have to keep working if we want a chance in the industry. If we want to pursuit our dreams and reach our goals. So that we can live. So that we can be HAPPY.

And for an artist to continue working towards these goals, we need time. Lots and lots of time. The least you could do is be lenient on that. Friends, we are not introverted because we want to be. Parents, we are not inactive because we want to be. Teachers, we are not distracted because we want to be. But if we want to be successful, if you want US to be successful, we have to continue working towards what were passionate about, and know that the choice can be painful.

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*puts on socks*

New episode tonight! I thought I’d draw some Wander since it’s been a while.

I wasn’t sure of which version I liked better so have both!

On DeviantART

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imaginashon asked: This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask of eight different people who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and out. 





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GUH I haven&#8217;t had the time to do any fanart this month.
Take a Giffany. I&#8217;m so late on the hype for her. Stayed home today so back to work.

GUH I haven’t had the time to do any fanart this month.

Take a Giffany. I’m so late on the hype for her. Stayed home today so back to work.

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Apologies for the lack of art. I’ve been busy.

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